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In my therapy practice I help people resolve many different issues. Here are some examples that you may identify with. If so, I would be happy to discuss your situation with you. And I invite you to browse my website for further information.

Are you:

  • Experiencing loss or rejection?
  • Feeling bad about yourself?
  • Having trouble concentrating and/or motivating yourself?
  • Having the same old arguments with your partner, friends, or work associates with no resolution?
  • Feeling blue a lot?
  • Focusing more than you want on an event or relationship?
  • Feeling wronged by someone else?
  • Feeling worried or anxious?
  • Feeling dissatisfied with part or all of your life?
  • Feeling angry and/or irritable more than you think you should?
  • Feeling that “something's missing” in your life?
  • Troubled by decisions about staying or leaving a relationship?
  • Having trouble setting and meeting goals?
  • Career/Work Issues?

I work with these issues and many more. Please feel free to call me for a free phone consult to see if I can help. 970 879-2111

Material provided on this website is for informational purposes only.  A qualified professional should be consulted
for specific problems.  Using this website in no way constitutes professional service or advice.