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Why A Writing Group?

Numerous studies have shown that writing about your relationships and life experiences lowers depression and anxiety and improves your immunity to disease. No skill or experience in writing is required to attend the groups or retreats. I ask only that you maintain confidentiality, respect other group members, and write.

Writing often teaches us what we need to know about ourselves in order to make life-altering changes. Sharing our writing helps us gain in confidence, self-esteem, and self acceptance. Groups and retreats stress safety and confidentiality. There is no criticism or correction, just the support you need to talk about whatever you feel strongly about in your life. During the process of the group, most participants feel that they can finally tell their truth without judgment.

The groups are not “therapy” but they are “therapeutic” in that participants learn and grow.

Few of us have had a place where we can share our joys and sorrows without judgment from others. When we write and read our writing, we find warmth and acceptance. Reading is never required but most participants find that they want to read what they've written. We laugh and cry in the group and there's a deep sense of acceptance, commitment, and community. Generally, there are nods of “Yeah, I've felt that way too” and “I know exactly what you mean!”.


Depending on the needs of the group, we write both inside and outside of group. I provide guidance in the form of writing “prompts” which members can choose from.Each member is given the opportunity to read their writing. While this may seem difficult at first, everyone is generally eager to read and get support.

Writing groups meet once a week and are limited to six participants. I ask that people make at least a two month commitment. This is not a drop-in group. While we all have to take time away from commitments, the expectation is that you will most weeks and let the group members know if you can't make a particular meeting.


If you are interested in becoming a member of writing group or attending a retreat, you must meet with me to make sure that this work is a good fit for you and the group. There is no charge for this meeting. Groups generally run $20/ meeting paid at the beginning of the month. Other payment arrangements may be agreed upon in advance if necessary. Retreats are priced individually.

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