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(or . . . how to get out of your own way!)

Neuroscience, cognitive therapy and contemplative practices show us how we can transform our thoughts and feelings – our very experience of life – by engaging specific mental practices to enhance happiness, well-being and peace. The course will be an opportunity for participants to learn these practices and the science behind their effectiveness.
Training Objectives
• Recognize your personal thinking traps and learn how to get free of them.
• Develop the skill of “on purpose non-judgmental awareness” to transform fear, anxiety, depression and hopelessness.
• Learn mental skills that promote peace, vitality, confidence and purpose.

Participants in this small, confidential and intimate setting will

• Use journaling techniques to track thoughts and feelings and identify their thinking traps.
• Use the techniques as you go to move through difficult situations.
• Share experiences and progress with other group members and get and give support.

When: Next class planned for October, 2011. Keep checking for exact dtes and times.

Where: The Library Small Conference Room

Cost: $150 paid in advance or two payments of $80 paid at the beginning and on week 4.

Course Leader: Cate Potyen, MA MFT. Cate is a psychotherapist practicing in Steamboat Springs, CO. In 27 years of practice she has helped individuals, couples and organizations find creative solutions that enhance happiness, creativity, and well-being. She is a practicing Buddhist and cognitive therapist. Her work blends contemplative traditions and neuroscience.

For more information and to register, please call Cate at 970 879-2111

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